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IS2012256135 Prúð frá Haukagili

Verð : 350.000kr

F: Miðill frá Nýjabæ (8,22) FF: Aðall frá Nýjabæ (8,64 + first prize for offspring)
M: Perla frá Haukagili

Prúð is a rather tall and very elegant young mare, who shows trot and tölt with long strides and is fivegaited. She has a beautiful conformation with long mane and tail, a friendly character and a good pedigree. Her father Miðill frá Nýjabæ was evaluated with 8,22 in total and received 8,5 for Tölt, Spirit, Proportions and Legs; as well as 9,0 for Walk, Hooves and Mane.

Prúð has been trained under the rider for 3 weeks this summer. She is always calm and easy to handle, is never afraid and has a nice temperament. With further training she will be suitable for most riders in the future, most likely even for beginners and children.


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