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IS2016156174 Sprettur frá Haukagili

Verð : 125.000kr

F: Gammur frá Steinnesi (8,03)
M: Saga frá Haukagili MF: Roði frá Múla (8,07 + first prize for offspring)

Sprettur is a black pinto stallion foal with a good pedigree and fantastic gaits. He shows a lot of tölt with good speed and high leg action and is probably fourgaited.
His father, the first prize stallion Gammur frá Steinnesi, is well known for the good quality of his offspring, which are used in competitions and breeding shows, as well as leisure horses and for herding sheep.
The mother Saga frá Haukagili gives easy-going riding horses which are always fun to work with and her offsprings always inherit her calm character, lots of tölt and long mane and tail. 
Sprettur well be a great future leisure horse and could also be suitable for competition.


Nýlegar Vörur