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Sigursteinn frá Stóra-Bakka, born 2011

Verð : 850.000kr


Sigursteinn is a very calm and easy young stallion. He is ridden for around 3 month and we have mostly been riding outside in walk, trott and canter. He has very good leg action and is interesting for competitions, also for younger riders! As well he is interesting as a breeding stallion. He has strong bloodlines, his father is the famous Klettur frá Hvammi and his mother was a succesful competition mare after Hrynjandi frá Hrepphólum. She is judged with 9,5 for walk, 9 for gallop and 8,5 for tölt and trott!


F: Klettur frá Hvammi (8,49)
FF: Gustur frá Hóli (8,57)
FM: Dóttla frá Hvammi

M: Fluga frá Heiðarbrún (7,89)
MF: Hrynjandi frá Hrepphólum (8,23)
MM: Sóllilja frá Feti (7,79)


Sigursteinn should cost 10.000€ but due to constructions works at our farm we need to sell some horses quickly so we are ready to lower the price down to 6.000€!


A video of Sigursteinn when he was 4 years old: 


More info at storibakki@emax.is


Nýlegar Vörur